There may still be few months left for a new year to come, but for restaurants owners, it’s never too soon to launch new food trends for its customers. As a matter of fact, New Year comes with new trends and food is no exception. Be it any international brand like Mr. Rooster Mohali or any local trademark, offering a wide variety and cuisines are their main motto.

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Food researches and experts have located top 6 fast food trends to look out for in 2016.

1. Traditional dine-in market shrinks: The luxurious and expensive restaurants are having hard time determining the latest and alternative types of food services. Today where people prefer to spend less on fast food, it becomes difficult for bigger food joints to come up and show variety of food services.


2. Beverage boom: Those days are gone when beverages were considered as extras and sides. Restaurants keep trying to introduce new and unique beverages in their menus and make them their headlining act. Don’t be surprised to get served with new alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with your main course.

3. Bitter is better: With people emerging a taste for bitter flavors, it’s no surprise to see restaurants serving darker coffee, hoppier beers and deeper chocolates.


4. A healthier choice: As a matter of fact, people have become quite conscious about their health and fitness. As new choices develop, new options come out of the box. A majority of restaurants show pick-and-choose options to make it work for their customers today.

5. A craving for different cuisines: In the past, when people think about dining out, it has been mainly about one or two particular cuisines. In 2016, look for restaurants serving almost every type of cuisine taking over the mainstream menus.


6. High expectations from local restaurants: Local restaurants are a new trend, but they continue to grow, expand and take over the established and popular restaurants.

·No matter what new food trends emerge, there’s definitely something exciting and delicious on the way!

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